Unofficial Portfolio: A Visual Journey

About Me

University of Texas at Austin Honors Computer Science student with a fine arts background. Pursuing a Computer Science degree with a certificate in Digital Arts & Media. Looking to explore design and the intersection of visual arts and computer science.



To further creative development in design. Though I have yet to officially work with graphic design, I intend on learning and growing with it on my own. Eventually, it would be amazing to take on actual projects. As a computer science student, I hope to explore the intersection of art and computers.


I grew up loving visual arts. Throughout my schooling, I have consistently taken on classes to keep me creating. Though I began in traditional media such as drawing and painting, I transitioned into digital art during COVID era. My preferred media are: oil paint, gouache, watercolor, pen & ink, digital. I primarily use Procreate.

Video Game Design

Character art, concept sketches, basic animations. Presently working on a 2D video game in a capstone course.

Digital Art & Design

A collection of mock covers, t-shirt designs, logos, drawings, and created images. Made using Procreate on an iPad Pro

2020-2021 Exploring Memory

How do we remember? 

People leave imprints on our lives, whether tangible or not. We yearn for connection. We reflect on what people mean to us. And we think of our shared existences, our I-love-yous whispered in every touch, every memento, every action that we take because of someone else's presence in our lives. We examine ourselves and see a mosaic of people we’ve loved.

We feel. The atmosphere and sounds of a place or time transport us. We take in our surroundings, memorize the moment. We remember because we love.

Traditional Media

Sketches, studies, paintings, prints, process photos. Contains graphite, colored pencil, charcoal, oil paint, acrylic paint, watercolor, gouache, pen, scratchboard, drypoint etching, mixed media.

2019-2020 Chaos and Confusion

At a time when I was supposed to be figuring out who I'm meant to be, I felt lost, adrift, with no real purpose or identity. Sadness, hesitation, anticipation, hurt, pressure, nostalgia— a whirlwind of emotions throughout the year left me disoriented and uncertain. The chaos and confusion manifested into my work, showing a jumbled up, not entirely coherent array of images that reflected my perception of my life. On occasion, I drew from Surrealism and the idea of the combination of the bizarre amidst the mundane. I emphasized mark-making as a means of expression.

Media: oil paint, intaglio etching, soft pastel, acrylic paint, cardboard, watercolor

Foray into Photography

Taken with Nikon D3000, Google Pixel 3, and Google Pixel 5a. Just a collection of photographs I've taken that I like.